Modular data centers for Telco & Cloud

Unleashing the Potential of Telco and Colocation: The Benefits of Modular Data Centers

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Flexible and reliable solution

Telco and colocation providers are facing increased demand for high-density computing and storage solutions, which traditional data centers struggle to meet efficiently. Modular data centers offer a solution to these challenges by providing rapid deployment, scalability, and a lower total cost of ownership. This enables providers to quickly and easily add capacity as needed, keeping pace with the growing demand for data center services and remaining ahead of the curve. With modular data centers, Telco and colocation providers have a flexible and reliable solution that allows them to stay on top of the game and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Case Study Data2Cloud

Cloud and Colo provider

D2C, an Omani service provider, required DC capacity to provide cloud services to public sector clients. The data center was delivered in 12 weeks and is operating in extreme climatic conditions with sand particles, humidity and temperature reaching up to 52°C.

Benefits of modular data centers

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